Solar Energy Systems

There has been a huge surge in Solar PV Energy since Covid struck and for the first time ever in the spring of 2020 Renewables overtookFossil Fuels as the main energy resource in the UK. Considering the current global situation and with the energy price hikes only set to continue, futureproofing your home with a Solar PV system is quickly becoming an essential for both domestic and commercial end users. It is an energy source that harnesses the power of the sun and cleverly turns it into electrical energy. Bowller believe Solar PV will be a front runner in powering our country in a more sustainable way for decades to come.

Bowller were the first every MCS accredited Solar installer and can provide customers with confidence, the business has seen Solar go full circle from the feed-in tariff boom to a complete drop off after 2018-19 when FIT came to a close, before a more recent resurgence as Social Responsibility COP26 and the energy crisis have become more prominent and at the forefront of people’s attention. With EV car numbers rising at an unprecedented rate and homes needing to move towards a more electric model as gas and oil become redundant, Solar PV is becoming an essential and an investment that people need to be making. Add battery storage into the conversation and working towards the illusive 24-hour renewable energy model becomes more attainable. Bowller can help both businesses and domestic customers transition seamlessly into the renewables world and are here to help advise with an excellent team of professionals who have remained ahead of the curve for nearly two decades.

Peace of mind

Both our PV & Solar Hot Water Systems come with a manufacturers guarantee and one of our professionals can install them quickly & hassle free.

When light hits the silicon in a solar PV cell, electrical energy is created, which then needs to be converted from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) and works for all of your electrical needs

Positioning, shaded areas and having enough space circa 8m2 of unshaded area which is predominantly south facing

The amount of electricity produced depends on the size of system and the size of the suitable space available. We will design a system to suit your specific needs.

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