Radiant Heating

A relatively new concept in the market and something which will become a huge piece of the puzzle as the world moves away from Gas and Oil. The infrared Heat Panels which sit beautifully either on the ceiling or integrated within the ceiling allow you to heat your home in an innovative and energy friendly manner. Bowller have partnered with Herschel to deliver this in commercial and domestic spaces which need to run more efficiently and sustainably. You can use your Solar PV system to run the ambient temperature of your home and this can be done in a way that cleverly heats objects rather than just the space, leaving a much nicer feel to any room.

Each room that the panels are placed in will run off its own thermostat allowing you full control and enabling a more effective way of operating your home. This can be controlled via an app so if you are away for a bit of winter sun or a long weekend during the colder months you can switch this on so the home is readied for you on your return. There are only a few partner installers throughout the country and Bowller want to pioneer the delivery of this system moving forward. Our advice would be to always consider this on any retrofit household that was not built within the last 5 years, whilst Heat Pumps are a fantastic initiative, they were not made to work with older materials and therefore we have brought something different to the market, again allowing an easy transition and more cost effective alternative for households and commercial units.

Did you know?

You can cut your energy bills by up to 70% via Solar Energy, there is little maintenance required and you can export unused energy back to the grid.

Peace of mind

Both our PV & Solar Hot Water Systems come with a manufacturers guarantee and one of our professionals can install them quickly & hassle free.

When light hits the silicon in a solar PV cell, electrical energy is created, which then needs to be converted from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) and works for all of your electrical needs

Positioning, shaded areas and having enough space circa 8m2 of unshaded area which is predominantly south facing

The amount of electricity produced depends on the size of system and the size of the suitable space available. We will design a system to suit your specific needs.

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